Class 5 – How To Be The Real You In Your Relationships

Do you ever feel like you’re not completely in your current relationship?

Do you get into the same kind of relationships over and over again?

How easy is it for you to be truly yourself in your relationships?

So much value! It always works for weeks afterwards too. Dale gives you the tools and support to help excavate your inner life as a way to help improve your relationships with others.


If you’re struggling with these issues, then it’s time to learn how to be the real you in your relationships.

What does it take to be our real selves? For each individual it’s different, but there is an overall formula to unlocking this.

And a significant ingredient to the overall formula is in how whole and complete we are in relation to ourselves.

We can only begin a new relationship/partnership the way we ended our last one. Simply put, if we didn’t take the time to properly complete the last relationship, then we will start the next one incomplete.

This previous relationship will always keep grabbing on and holding you back from fully stepping into your new relationship.

This is why it is so significant that we learn how to complete our old relationships and go through the process of doing so.

You’ll become more of the real, authentic you in your current relationships, friendships, and partnerships.

This inspiring 3-day seminar will help you to discover:

  • What can stop you from being yourself in your relationships (this teaching alone is worth the price of admission!)
  • What you might be losing out on when you leave a relationship unresolved (resolving an old relationship does not require the other person to show up, just you!)
  • A life-changing model that empowers you to rise up to a higher and better place in your relationships
  • The 9 Core Issues of relationships, and how to clear them (if you’re ever feeling stuck in a relationship, chances are it’s one of these that is causing it!)
  • What you specifically need to do when a relationship and/or partnership is ending (not getting this right will jam up the flow for whatever is next for us!)

“If our relationship with ourself isn’t right yet, neither will our relationships with others be completely right yet!”

I feel like the series of seminars are pivotal to do together. One builds on the other. TODAY in class 5 titled… how to be the REAL you in your relationships, I found some of my other discoveries from the previous classes supporting and playing into my learning for today. These classes have helped me connect with myself on a much deeper level. I am so grateful.


Many people are looking for someone to complete them (on the outside).

However, it was never meant to be set up this way.

It’s when we are complete on the inside that we can truly begin a NEW relationship from this complete place.

If this is resonating with you, I strongly encourage you to register for this class. I know you’ll be glad you did!