Class 3 – How To Heal The Inner Child In Your Relationships

Do you struggle with your relationships? Would you like to have better relationships?

Then it’s time to learn how to heal the inner child in your relationships.

You may not realize it, but so many of the traps and pitfalls we deal with in our relationships are born from childhood experiences.

If we’re to have healthy and loving relationships with our partners, friends, and ourselves, then it is imperative that we heal the traps of our childhoods.

As a new mother this seminar provided deep wisdom for me. I am now aware of how my inner child influences my style of parenting, and have the tools to better manage my energy. This is a gift! I am leaving with the value of understanding how to navigate through my emotions so that I do not project onto my child. This work is not only healing, but absolutely required to move forward in life.


We’ve all heard about our inner child before, but have you ever thought much about it?

Picture this: There’s a 7-year-old, who hasn’t developed the mature emotional skills of an adult yet. Maybe they’re mean, or bratty, or bossy, or perhaps a little of all 3.

Now, think about what would happen if that child is in charge instead of a parent.

What are they going to do next?

Remember, they’re only 7.

What might they do next in their most important relationships?

Can you see how important it is to pay attention to what your inner child is doing?

The self-improvement model we have been using is being replaced by the self-correction model. Even though we are already perfect as our True Self, we still need to discover our True Self.

To do so requires self-inquiry, self-awareness, and self-transformation… all of which opens us up to deeper self-knowledge.

It is this self-knowledge that naturally causes us to self-correct. It’s no longer simply self-improvement.

Self-correcting by connecting with your inner child will allow you to help your inner child grow up and mature, leading to healthy and fulfilling interactions in our relationships.

Otherwise, a poor or non-existent connection with your child will manifest in negative ways. If we’re still holding onto an inadequate relationship with ourselves and with life, our relationships with others will continue to be difficult and often painful.

In this inspiring 3-day seminar, you’ll discover:

  • The most important part of any new relationship
  • High-level wisdom techniques that will allow you to see when your inner child reveals itself to you
  • How to dialogue and connect with your inner child so that you can begin to heal and transform it
  • How to awaken your inner parent (yes, you have an inner parent to go with your inner child!)
  • The process for parenting your inner child so that it no longer sabotages your relationships
  • The gifts that are yours as you learn how to align your life with your true self
  • A life-changing system that will quiet your mind and re-center you in your body in minutes!
  • The many problems the “3 R’s” have been causing in your relationships, and how to clear them (this section alone is well worth the price of admission!)
  • How to release & discharge the negativity that’s running your life

“The way we parent our inner child is usually the way we parent our children.”

This workshop was the most powerful by 3X, 5X, and they have all been amazing. THE INNER CHILD is the single most important key for me in healing it all. Breakthrough after Breakthrough!!! Thank you Dale for your brilliant soul and these powerful classes.


What if you could really create more rich, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships in your life?

Would you be interested? If yes, I invite you to join us in our upcoming class!

You’ll see why so many of our attendees say the same thing after only the first session on the first day: “I am so glad I made this decision to show up here today!”