Class 2 – How To Truly Embrace A Conscious Relationship

Are you tired of playing the games that are sucking the life out of your relationships?

Then it’s time to truly embrace a conscious relationship.

One where you feel connected and don’t avoid the uncomfortable conversations.

The value of these seminars has come unmatched for me. I have had the largest breakthrough today than any other day of my life, and I left the last seminar on cloud 9. I am committed to my healing and becoming the best and most powerful version of myself that I can possibly become. I thank God for Dale Halaway and his teachings.


“If you’re having difficulty listening to your partner, your friends, or your co-workers, then chances are you’re having difficulty listening to Yourself.”

Attend this transformational 3-day seminar and discover:

  • What a woman wants in a love relationship vs. what a man wants – they’re completely different!
  • How some people in business and life can be so energizing for you while others cause you to flatline (and what to do about it!)
  • The method for infusing soul into all your relationships
  • The thing getting in the way of you really embracing your relationships
  • How to stop playing all those low-energy games that have been restricting your relationships
  • The two areas you must be aware of that can break apart a good relationship – don’t let them happen to you!
  • How spirituality teaches us to recognize relationship building as our highest path towards enlightenment and self-mastery

During this transformational and inspirational weekend seminar, you’ll learn how to become more conscious, and what to become conscious of, so that you can experience more joy, more love, and more fulfillment in your relationships, partnerships, and friendships.

One of our biggest challenges in relationships is to remain conscious when something happens that we don’t like, don’t approve of, or get upset by.

The moment we go unconscious, we’re no longer embracing the relationship. And when we’re no longer embracing the relationship, we’re now resisting the relationship.

You’ll learn how to catch yourself and stay in control in these moments so that you can communicate effectively and build better, stronger relationships.

This is pure gold. Profound in so many ways. I promise you! The tools and the process are waiting for you. Get couragous and open up. I feel more connected to my soul than I ever have!


What you’ll learn will have such a tremendous impact on knowing about you and the important people in your life that it will continue long after the seminar has ended.


Moreover, once we go unconscious, we start playing games in our relationships which cause big problems.

This class will help you identify the games you play in your relationships before walking you through how to resolve the underlying issues that manifest them in the first place.

Relationships are everything in life. What could we learn if we paid more attention to them? How could we grow and/or mature? What might we discover about ourselves?

I encourage you to join us at our next class. I know you’ll be thrilled that you came!