Class 1 – Create Relationships That Are Right For You

Relationships are everything in life.

Isn’t it interesting how people end up paying a lot more attention to their relationships towards the end of their lives rather than the beginning?

So what would it be like if we gave more attention to our relationships in the first half of our lives?

What could we learn? What we might discover about ourselves? How much could we grow and/or mature?

Go! If this resonates with you, do not even consider not going. Register right away and against all odds just show up in your seat the day of the seminar, be open to what you hear and see and allow yourself to have an experience of a lifetime. It is an experiential process and you know it when you’re ready.


“If it is Divinely meant to be, it’s not going anywhere.”

It’s been said the fastest way to enlightenment is through our relationships. That’s why it is so important to create relationships that are right for you.

In this transformational 3-day seminar, you’ll discover:

  • How to TRULY be ready for a new partner
  • The resistance around having what you REALLY want, and how to clear it (HINT: It’s in your unconscious mind, and we’ll NEVER get what we want when we’re in resistance of it!)
  • What your true essence really is, masculine or feminine, and why it is so significant to lead your life with it at this time
  • The 4 different types of relationships (and how to know which type you’re in!)
  • The 3 questions you NEED to answer prior to beginning any new relationship
  • The key signals for entering into a new relationship and the first 9 months – you’ll know why this is so important if you’ve ever felt the cost of entering into a partnership with the wrong person!

In this class, we’ll cover two powerful dynamics that will allow you to create the best relationships of your life.

The first is a deep dive into where your relationships are coming from – the ego or the soul-self.

What happens with most people is that they’re manifesting or creating from the ego. Often, the ego tricks us into believing that it’s really coming from our soul-self!

Then, 6 months later when things aren’t working out as they intended, they’re surprised and disappointed with the results.

The second powerful dynamic we’ll spend time on is looking at the masculine and feminine sides that we all have within us.

When we’re trying to have more joy and fulfillment in life, we need to know which side we’re leading our life from.

Over many years of teaching, I’ve found that individuals who are truly meant to lead from the masculine side are actually leading from the feminine side, and vice versa! This can produce huge amounts of struggle and internal conflict!

And once you begin to tap into this and correct it, you’ll be able to tap into the rhythm that matches your soul so you can start manifesting the relationships that are most right for you.

If you’re a person truly committed to your own growth, empowerment, and having stellar relationships in your life (including with yourself), this seminar is for you. The price is a small amount compared to the value you will receive if you are open and willing to show up!


Do you struggle with your relationships?

How many loving relationships do you have?

Most importantly, how strong is your relationship with yourself?

Poor relationships will reverberate throughout your whole life. If your relationships are holding you back at all, then you must attend this inspirational and powerful weekend seminar!

Learn how to create more meaningful and fulfilling relationships – not just with other people, but with yourself as well!